Tottenham seeks clarification from FIFA over transfer ban: Fabio Paratici expresses concern

Tottenham’s new managing director, Fabio Paratici, has expressed his concern over the club’s potential transfer ban and has stated that they are seeking further clarification from FIFA.

The football world was rocked last week by the news that FIFA had handed Tottenham a ban on signing new players for the next two transfer windows due to their alleged breach of rules concerning the signing of under-18 foreign players.

Paratici, who was appointed by Tottenham just a few weeks ago, has stated that they are urgently seeking clarification from FIFA about the situation. He believes that there may have been a misunderstanding or miscommunication between the club and FIFA and that they need to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Tottenham’s ban would prevent them from signing new players in the upcoming summer and winter transfer windows, severely hampering their ability to compete in the Premier League and other competitions. The club is currently considering their legal options and is hoping that they can overturn the ban.

Paratici has stated that he is confident that Tottenham will be able to clear their name and that they will be able to sign new players in the near future. He also emphasized that the club is fully committed to complying with all FIFA rules and regulations.

Tottenham is one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League and has a large and passionate fan base. The potential transfer ban has caused widespread concern among fans and has put the club’s future in doubt. However, Paratici’s comments suggest that Tottenham is taking this issue seriously and is working hard to resolve it as soon as possible.

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